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Ethics Law Forum

General Counsel's Legal Forum

The firm hosts an ethics law forum each year, primarily targeted at lawyers who are general counsel at clients of the firm and solo or small firm practitioners. We typically have the law forum accredited by the Nebraska and Iowa CLE Commissions. We began this program in December of 2011 to offer ethics credits to those that find they are close to the end of the year and need credits. This forum has grown over the years and the topics covered reflect the changes in the legal landscape. 

Examples of topics we have presented in recent years include:

  • Annual update on Nebraska ethics law
  • Technology program. In the past this has included ethical issues in the use of new technologies and ethical issues related to encryption
  • Attorney/client privilege for in-house counsel
  • Communicating with lawyers and adversaries
  • Threatening criminal charges in civil negotiations
  • Ethical implications of tape recording communications
  • Ethics of settlement negotiations
  • Conducting in-house investigations of alleged wrongdoing
  • Duties of outside directors/conflicts of interest
  • Who retains privilege after a merger or acquisition
  • Attorney wellness