The United States Senate will soon be taking action on legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). [click here to read more]

Cline Williams has been instrumental in Nebraska's economic development for more than 150 years. [click to read more]

Our founder, Turner Marquett, defended Governor Butler in the impeachment trial of the state's first governor [click to read more]

Cline Williams lawyers will speak at events held by the Nebraska Hospital Association during 2017 [click to read more]

Susan Sapp was inducted as a Fellow into the American College of Trial Lawyers at its March meeting [click to read more]

On March 2, 1867, Marquett performed Nebraska's first official act in the Union by voting to override President Johnson's veto of the Reconstruction Act.

This year our firm celebrates 160 years of practice and March 1 is the 150th anniversary of Nebraska’s statehood. Our founder, Turner Marquett was twice elected to Congress in four months—[Click link to read more]