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Franchising & Distribution

At Cline Williams our fundamental approach to franchising and distribution matters recognizes the unique nature of franchisor/franchisee and supplier/distributor relationships. Our Franchising and Distribution practice group is comprised of members with extensive experience in representing franchisors and franchisees in all aspects of the formation, development and operation of franchise systems and in dispute resolution matters. The services we provide in this area include:

  • Advise prospective franchisors with the decision whether to franchise a concept, and to prepare the Franchise Agreement, Franchise Disclosure Document and related documents needed to comply with federal and state franchise laws 
  • Advise existing franchisors on all aspects of compliance with federal and state franchise registration and disclosure laws and in dealing with franchise relationship issues and compliance with franchise relationship laws
  • Assistance in implementing standards and compliance with franchise and distribution systems
  • Addressing material defaults, renewals, resales and terminations
  • Advising clients with respect to intellectual property licensing issues associated with the franchise relationship
  • Assisting parties to franchise and distribution relationships in the resolution of disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation
  • Representing automobile manufacturers and dealers in termination, relocation and other regulatory matters
  • Advising prospective franchisees with their decision on whether to enter into the franchise relationship, including reviewing and explaining all significant franchise documents

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